Best Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 14

iOS 14 Jailbreak Tweaks

This article will brief the best iOS tweaks for iOS 14. But since these are jailbreak tweaks, you should have to jailbreak your devices first. If you do not need to jailbreak, but to have iOS tweaks, then you might follow TweakMo with iOS 14 jailbreak solutions so far.

To have a jailbreak, you have to download the suitable jailbreak tool according to your iOS version. You can download all jailbreak tool from TweakMo page since it has a massive list of available jailbreak tools.  Also you can check Tweak Compatibility Checker for all jailbreak tweaks availability for your iOS version.

Let’s peep a bit for the best tweaks for iOS 14

Best Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 14

DLEasy Jailbreak tweak

A Jailbreak tweak by Ahmed Bafkir. This DLEasy tweak gives you an option to download multimedia files from social media apps. You can save images from Instagram or download YouTube videos for free. 

Download DLEasy tweak is now available in the official Cydia Repository for $1.99. The app is compatible with iOS 10 – iOS 12.

Prysm Jailbreak Tweak

This adds new features for the control center. Prysm is a paid tweak costs USD 3.49

Prysm can be installed from Packix Repo

Arc Jailbreak tweak

Arc brings you a brand new way to quickly access and this is a paid tweak costs USD 0.99. This is a jailbreak tweak developed by Muirey03. Arc jailbreak tweak can be installed from dynastic repo.

Jian Jailbreak Tweak

Jian is a Keyboard customization tweak. This is a paid tweak. Jian does not require a jailbreak to perform. you can have this tweak via TweakMo.

Developer – Iroz-An

Assistability13 Jailbreak tweak

This is an AssistiveTouch inspired menu into the Reachability window and  this is a Paid Tweak  which costs USD 1.50 Assistability13 Can be install from Packix Repo.

Developer — DODGraphics

CarBridge (iOS 13, Lite) Jailbreak tweak

This is for the purpose of View any app in CarPlay. But there is an alternative for this which does not need jailbreak called InCar by CarPlayHacks.

CarBridge is Paid Tweak of USD 4.99 and can be installed from Packix source

Developer — leftyfl1p

PowerModule Jailbreak tweak

Purpose — Add more features for Control Center

Free Tweak

Download Link — Can be install from Packix Source

Developer — Muirey03

PowerModule Jailbreak tweak

PowerModule Adds more features for Control Center and this is a Free Tweak. Can be installed from Packix Source

Developer — Muirey03

SmartBattery Jailbreak Tweak

Purpose of this tweak is to provide new features for Battery and save your battery life. This is a paid Tweak costs USD 1.99. Smart Battery Can be installed from Packix Repo

Developer — Elias Sfeir

Little11 Jailbreak Tweak

Purpose of this is to give iPhone X features to iOS 13. This is a Free Tweak. Can be installed from Packix source

Developer — Ryan Nair

Translomatic Jailbreak tweak

Purpose is to translate any text. This is a Paid Tweak costs USD 2.00. Can be Installed from Packix Repo

Developer — Foxfort Mobile

Quart Jailbreak tweak

This is a jailbreak tweak by iOS developer LaughingQuoll and designer timeloop.

This is basically a Lock screen and notification UI replacement for jailbroken iPhones. It will make receiving notifications and interacting with them a lot more happening than the default old school method.

 This is a paid tweak and costs $1.99.


This is a jailbreak tweak to your iPhone that adds a day-centric countdown timer to your iPhone’s Lock screen. With it, you can more easily count down the number of days to a special event, be it a Birthday or something else.

This is a free jailbreak tool and  download it for free from Dave van Wijk’s beta repository or the default Chariz repository via their preferred package manager. The tweak officially supports pwned iOS 13 devices, and it’s open source on the developer’s GitHub page


DockX is a simple jailbreak tweak developed by iOS developer udevs. DockX adds a slew of useful text-editing shortcuts to the bottom of your iPhone’s native keyboard interface, including copy, paste, cut, redo, and undo among others. This is a free jailbreak tweak and  you can download DockX from udevs’ beta repository or  with the following URL:


Groups is a jailbreak tool developed by iOS developer Ryan Trent. Groups can help you get organized by permitting you to sort conversation threads in the Messages app into groups.

This tweak makes it easier to differentiate between personal and professional conversation threads, whether that be work vs. friends, or school vs. family. 

If interested you may  purchase and download it from the Dynastic Repo repository for the introductory price of $1.49 via their preferred package manager.


Scorpion brings a beautifully re-imagined incoming call interface to the iPhone, replacing the clunky full-screen interface with a non-intrusive banner that lives at the top or bottom of your display.

The banner is fully customizable, and includes all the buttons and shortcuts that you’d come to expect from an iPhone’s incoming call interface.

So these are some jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14. There are few non-jailbreak tweaks also mentioned here. If you need to have more non-jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14 you can always try TweakMo. It has a large collection of jailbreak and non jailbreak tweaks. Also you may have any jailbreak tool from TweakMo.

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