Jailbreak Apps without Jailbreak

TweakMo reshapes and redefines the way you experience iOS 13. It brings the best tweaks, jailbreak and customizations right into your iPhone, iPad or iPod without using a computer. TweakMo is the first ever iOS 13 Cydia, Jailbreak alternative.

Amazing Features

Jailbreak Apps

You can install jailbreak apps without actually jailbreaking your device with TweakMo

Latest Tweaks

TweakMo bound up for providing latest version of all tweaks that availble.

Best Appstore

TweakMo is the best 3rd Party app installer currently available. And All apps within TweakMo are 100% free and install with only the click of a button.

Safe and Easy

Banish your all fears and worries. TweakMo provides you the safest and the easiest way to install jailbreak apps on your iDevice.

Unlimited Apps for low cost

You can enjoy unlimited jailbreak apps and features just for few dollars.

24*7 User Support

We are at your service at anytime you need assistance with TweakMo

How it works

TweakMo lets you download and enjoy jailbreak apps, hacked games, tweaks, themes and many more on your iDevice.

This enables you experience your device beyond default iOS.

It’s Easy and Super Fast.


Let TweakMo tweak your iPhone

Get the UDID registration completely free with all the TweakMo apps, Jailbreak apps and App Stores available in TweakMo.

System Tweaks

Make your iDevice completely unique to your own style with TweakMo tweaks and themes.

Unlimited Apps

You will be able to download any Jailbreak App with a custom build to your device. And the Apps will be valid for 1 year from your registreation date of TweakMo

TweakMo comes to life

TweakMo is pleased to present the most amazing tweaks and customizations into your iPhone/iPad or iPod.
Welcome to the world of tweaks and enjoy life MORE and MORE with TweakMo

“Dare to dream. The best happens in your life only when you decided to be yourself” - TweakMo

Awesome Screenshots


Go Premium. Be Happy


You can download free apps using TweakMo.
Feel the experience before you pay premium.


Gives you a package of useful
TweakMo apps
Jailbreak apps
for a newer experience.

Get Silver


Lets you download the most amazing TweakMo apps, Jailbreak apps and App Stores and enjoy iOS in a
novel way.

Get Gold


Get the UDID registration completely free with all the
TweakMo apps, Jailbreak apps and App Stores available in TweakMo.

Get Platinum

Tweaks by TweakMo


Install Any App on CarPlay
(**This requires Jailbreak)


Jailbreak your phone
with latest version


Jailbreak your phone
with latest version


Managed even root files

Tinder ++

Included tinder premium features

Good Night

Adjust the screen color


It’s perfect time to join TweakMo

Download TweakMo now and make your own signature with the new look of your iPhone / iPad or iPod.


Is TweakMo safe ?

There are millions of users all over the world that are using TweaMo and they are fully satisfied with it. According them, The TweakMo is 100% safe to use.

Why do I need TweakMo?

TweakMo provides several categories of apps that are popular in the community. Those categories have included hacked games, jailbreak apps, modified and cracked apps for free. And also TweakMo enables you to install any app through just a one click.

Do I need to jailbreak my iDevice to Install TweakMo?

NO. You don’t have to jailbreak your iDevice in order to install TweakMo. Just as the other recommended and most popular apps available in the market, you can simply install TweakMo by just one tap.

Does TweakMo Premium apps prompt for in-app purchases?

No. You just have to pay for the TweakMo Premium apps. You can download the apps in TweakMo, when you have the TweakMo Premium apps.

Can I install Cydia to non-Jailbroken device?

Cydia is an app store for jailbroken devices. Therefore it cannot be installed on a non jailbroken devices. But there remains few alternatives for Cydia. TweakMo is such an alternative which gives most of the Cydia apps.

Why does some apps in TweakMo has limited functionality?

Some apps require privileged system access to the iOS file system. This system access can only obtain by jailbreaking your iOS device. Therefore, some of the functions which require root (privileged) access will not work as expected

Is TweakMo free?

There is a TweakMo free package in which you are given the chance to download and experience few apps on your iDevice for completely free. But all the rest of the packages such as Silver, Gold and Platinum come at a price standing at $9.99, $14.99 and $19.99 respectively.

Can I install Jailbreak apps using TweakMo?

YES. With TweakMo you are free to download jailbreak apps just by a tap on the app. Recently the TWeakMo included A12 Jaibreak and A13 Jailbreak. Wait for checkra1n jailbreak. It will be on TweakMo soon when it's avaiable.

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